Let's begin with accelerators. The creator of the accelerators we use, Bryan De Flores, describes them as images that "combine sacred geometry, multilayered mathematical configurations and specific light code sequences to activate, heal and balance the human body and energy system".

Each image has its own function and often multiple facets that operate at a very subtle level of consciousness to dissolve old patterns and thought forms that are out of alignment with our Path or highest good, reactivating our original blueprint for perfect health. They are made specifically to adapt and synchronize to your intent and vibration.

The BioBed, together with the accelerators, realigns your subconscious and your energy body with your highest good, with positively charged energy that attracts more of the same to you. It erases the programs you no longer need, allowing them to be replaced with new, healthy, high-vibrational programs. This applies to our financial lives, our relationships and our physical health, as well.

There are accelerators for medical problems from headaches to cancer. Some are designed specifically for abundance and prosperity, some for communication within relationships, some for clarity and the completion of projects. There is no limitation to the degree and source of negativity that can be erased without the need for therapy.

Feelings of "stuckness" and an inability to move forward can keep us in a low vibratory state of being because we are reflecting the way we feel about our state of being. There are specific accelerators to activate joy in your life by charging it into your energy field and for pushing past or avoiding obstacles and road-blocks along our paths.

For those with dark, depressing thoughts that you carry with you and can’t seem to shake, it’s time to activate your light-body and be rid of them. It’s time to allow yourself to live the life you want to live and be the person you are meant to be.

Emotional Balance

Our Emotional Balance set creates harmony and balance within the mind and emotional body. The balancing and grounding the human energy field and physical body allows for the clearing of distortions and negative thought forms from the emotional body. This eliminates oversensitivity and depression while bringing new focus into one’s life.

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Manifestation & Financial Prosperity

One of our most requested, this set expands awareness of the energetics of money and all forms of exchange to assist in the transformation of poverty consciousness to abundance consciousness. It releases fear of survival from the emotional body and designs and maintains your highest potential in regards to success and financial prosperity.

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Spiritual Strength and Power

This set strengthens the chakra system, cuts through illusions in consciousness, and makes adjustments to accommodate incoming light frequencies. It awakens inner strengths and allows understanding and the ability to live in the "truth" of oneself. It burns lower, negative manifestations of ego away and engages the higher mind.

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Cancer Support

This medical template set specializes in immune system support, reversing side-effects of radiation and hair restoration. It also supplies and moderates the energetic of supplements and medications, minerals and electrolytes and also contains energetic acupuncture. This set is often added to and tailored to your individual needs.

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Promote, Enhance and Balance Relationships

The Promote, Enhance and Balance Relationships set initiates the release of old and outdated ideas regarding love while promoting divine union on earth. It clears unbalanced contractual agreements and pacts with people in our lives and assists in the connection with divine partners, destiny work companions and life-long unconditional friends.

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Enhance Brain Capacity & Genius

This set allows the Higher Mental Body to over-light the lower mental processing system, which promotes quicker accessing and processing of new ideas and creative multi-dimensional thought formulations. It also corrects imbalances caused by mental stress and promotes a wider and more diverse perspective of life and its processes.

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Enhance/Activate Spiritual Gifts & 3rd Eye

This set clears confusion and doubt around spiritual gifts while bringing clarity and strength to your existing gifts. It allows the you to receive information from other dimensions and to transcend linear thinking, allowing the unique and creative nature of your individual gifts to be actualized for what they are.

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Healthy Weight

Using this set aids in the release of toxins and ideas about weight and size that may keep someone in a state of low self-esteem. It also allows for the release of addictions to food and to sugar while energizing the energy field with self-worth, self-love, and the original health blueprint for the body. This set is tailored to each person.

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Heart Chakra Activation

The Heart Chakra Activation set is recommended for activating, clearing and regulating our emotion center, assisting in remaining open at the heart and also in releasing resistance that may be drawing negativity to that area. This is where we find self-love and the ability to forgive ourselves as well as forgive others.

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Lightbody Activation

The activation of the Lightbody not only allows for the energy body to expand to hold more light energy and a higher vibration but it directly effects the physical body, making it possible for a greater volume and elevated frequency of energy to pass through it. This promotes physical and energetic body healing, spiritual abilities, opens a more clear connection with our Higher Selves.

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String Magic - Three Strings

"String Magic" is a psychic/mental technique that anyone can use to draw to themselves anything they wish; be it money, friends, happiness, a new car, etc. It can also be used to find lost items and missing people or, if you desire, it will bring back full memory of the past in vivid color and detail.

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Reverse Spells

This set of 3 accelerators provides a complete cleanse of the 1st, 5th and 6th chakras and recalibrates the energy in those areas to their original powerful states. It clears other people's thoughts, intentions and motives from your psychic field.

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Ascended Masters

The Ascended Masters set connects you to the Archangels for joy, love, passion, divine truth and enhancing your spiritual gifts. It connects to the Ascended Masters for your Divine heritage and destiny and connects to Buddha and the Bodhisattvas for releasing negative manifestations of the ego. It attracts your life-long divine partners and destiny work companions.

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Akashic Records & Remote Viewing

Designed to connect you to the new planetary grid-work and all sacred structures/monuments, this set also develops abilities for interdimensional travel. It allows you to connect to your "dream bodies", the ones that reside on the realm of consciousness and are not limited by the boundaries of the physical, allowing us to journey into many worlds and dimensions.

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Language of Light

This set aids in the manifestation of healing, miracles, mercy, humility and revelation. It enhances dreams as well as waking visions, meditation and trance states, opening perceptions to multidimensional experience and expanding the mind to possibility and potential. By activating your power as a co-creator and steward of the Earth as well as connecting you with off-planet assistance, this set enhances Earth healing abilities, both local and distance. This set assists in the manifestation of your Divine purpose and mission, promoting internal and external clarity and focus while renewing the body, mind and spirit. Connections to each individual Archangel’s consciousness are made.

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Entry into the Higher Etheric Initiation Temple

This set promotes clarity by clearing misperceptions regarding mental and emotional processing while allowing easy assimilation of multidimensional energy and information as well as accelerated accessing and processing of new ideas and information. This set prepares you for entry into the Kingdom of Light and initiates acceptance of the new paradigm operating system (social, financial, medical and educational). Focus is put on accessing the balance point within the Self, mysteries contained within the spiritual blueprint, experiencing the omnipresence of one’s own Spirit and the enhanced ability to perceive purpose in all of life’s processes.

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Connecting to the Celestial Hierarchy

Focus on the connection to higher vibrational realms and connecting to your individual and the universal Divine Plan, this set promotes Heaven on Earth through the manifestation of healing, miracles, resurrection, mercy, humility, revelation, fortitude, strength, faith, sanctification, joy, providence, strength of will, magical presence, command over thunder and fire, foresight, harmony, peace and Divine Light. This set accesses the ability to actualize Divinity through manifestation through and into the physical.

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Inspiration and Creativity

The Inspiration and Creativity Set opens new pathways to the mind and heart while bringing creative gifts into manifestation. It allows a constant stream of inspiration and new ideas to flow easily and effortlessly and clears creative blockages to allow for the realization of your highest potential. It infuses higher knowledge and light into mind and cellular structure, awakens conscious knowledge of higher guidance and allows you to grasp abstract spiritual concepts and teachings.

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Sexual Fulfillment

Sexual Fulfillment is a set for initiation into beauty, love and radiance. It initiates integration of the electron body and the Higher Self within the human body while igniting passion and remembrance of sacred relationships. Using the embodiment of feminine energy, it unites twin flames and initiates Divine Union between souls on Earth. The set brings the frequencies of superluminal light and celestial love into heart, initiating ethereal and physical connections between people in all dimensions and allowing you to tap in to the healing energy of Sacred Sexuality.

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Enhance Creative Design & Projects

The Enhance Creative Design & Projects set is used to strengthen and enhance the Divine Spark within you and increase the frequency of your connection to the Creative Divine. It sparks new creative ideas, brings the purest inspiration to all areas and aspects of life and inspires more focus on creating through the vibration of love, increasing the ability to manifest with great success.

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Healing - Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual

With this set, overstressed mental, emotional, and physical circuitry receive balance and the healing energies of joy, vitality, love, peace and divine grace. The Healing accelerators trigger an emotional rebirth - purifying the heart and creating a new appreciation and reverence for life.

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Eternal Youth/Immmortality

Activation of the eternal "Atom of Life" consciousness in the core of your being renews one's life force and vitality. The ability to manifest a constant, youthful appearance and energy field as well as individual internal healing powers are awakened and enhanced.

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Elemental Magic

This set awakens and enhances interdimensional sight into the elemental spirit kingdom, expanding the mind and connecting individuals with their innate intuition in order to apply higher spiritual concepts on the physical plane. Hidden passions are awakened, expanding your perceptions of what is possible and exhilarating the higher senses to experience joy, excitement and passion for living and loving.

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Enhance Your Business

The Enhance Your Business set assists in bringing new clarity and confidence regarding monetary decisions and perceptions. Confusion and self-doubt are cleared, while vocal strength and conviction are enhanced. It will begin to awaken unlimited options and thought forms, create mastery within the mind and promote unlimited abundance and prosperity for all.

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"I was a bit skeptical at first, but the accelerators worked like a charm. I feel absolutely no trace of the scattered, unfocused energy I felt before getting on the table. I loved the calm, meditative state that the Andara crystals and the De Flores accelerators induced, but certainly wasn't expecting the physical sensations!" -JC, Spokane WA


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Our work at Compass Rose is our calling and our vocation. Your healing will be supported through our work as it is provided with honesty, integrity, compassion and empathy. May our hearts and our minds always be guided by Light.

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