Healing is a very unique and personal journey. Yes, there are many healing modalities and self-love habits that benefit just about everyone who tries them. But the process and the specifics of what needs to be healed is different for everyone. No two life stories are exactly the same and so neither are any two sets of emotional and mental baggage.

So how can we tell, out of the hundreds of healing techniques, workshops, courses and programs, which one will benefit us? If you know, for instance, that you need to heal and release some anger that is getting in the way of your relationships and disrupting your peace, how do you know where to start or what will work for you? People often gravitate towards techniques that friends and family have tried and, just as often, become discouraged when they don't experience the same results. They say "why did this heal my friend/mom/coworker’s anger but not mine?"

Your Higher-Self is your most effective guide to your own healing.

The answer is simple: because you are not them. Your anger, shame, guilt, grief, even your happiness and joy, is not the same as anyone else's. It isn't caused by the same things, it isn't felt or experienced in the same way and, when we hold on to or "stuff" it, it isn't packed away in the same place. The same thing applies to addictions, habits, attitudes and beliefs. Our experiences, motives and our method for hiding the truth from ourselves is as unique and intricate as we are.

There is only one way to get to the core of any one of your own issues, whether you want to heal, release or transmute it, only one place to go for answers: inside yourself.

Your Higher-Self is your most effective guide to your own healing. It is also your link to higher vibrational beings, like your guides, angels and the Ascended Masters, who can provide you with an incredible amount of insight into your healing journey. These beings are with us often and can be called upon for help at any time and for just about anything. But when instead of asking them for answers and cures, we ask for clarity about ourselves, we begin to realize that some piece of us exists in the same space as these high-vibrational beings, in a state that is already perfectly healed. Our healing shifts from the ego-self asking it's guidance for relief to an on-going conversation with the Soul. At this point, healing stops being a destination and becomes a path that leads to the most passionate, free and true versions of ourselves.

In support of this journey, we began offering amethyst biobed sessions in concentrated, high-vibrational energy vortex settings with the help of specific accelerators for individual needs and ailments. This practioner-free healing modality lets your Higher-Self guide the session and serves as an open invitation to your guidance to be present with you and assist in your healing. Of course there are trained practitioners handy to guide you in the right direction and help you set an intention.

Release Blockages

Let go of negative emotions, old habits and limiting beliefs that no longer serve your life. Address underlying issues of physical illness.

Raise Your Vibration

Work with your guides, Angels, the Ascended Masters and other high vibrational beings who are committed to your healing and ascension.

Access Inner Strength

Tap into unrealized passion; surrender to the flow of life instead of fighting the change that you need for improvement and growth.


This modality raises the vibrational health of the physical and subtle bodies as well as treating acute physical, mental and spiritual ailments. Using heated amethyst BioBeds and the high-frequency infused images in Brian DeFlores' accelerator templates, clients can customize their 30 minute session to specific healing, to activating gifts and their energy body, connecting and communicating with guidance or attracting whatever they need for growth. The potential for this modality is literally unlimited; all you need is an intention.

The sessions use the movement and properties of an energetic vortex to amplify the vibration of the sacred geometry used in accelerator templates. The energy of the room itself is layered vibrationally to allow a mixed presence of guides, angels, ascended masters and a number of high vibrational beings to be present and assist with not only the chosen accelerators' function but also with specific intentions and each clients highest healing potential at the time of the session. Time, space and our perceived reality are all subject to fluctuation when we enter into the healing, recalibration and expansion of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Click here for a complete list of our comprehensive catalog of accelerator sets.


Now is the time to release thought patterns that you didn’t even realize were hindering your success, whether it be socially, financially or in your love life.


We are a client-centered practice of holistic health and healing. As practitioners and healers we support the well being of men, women, children, and animals. Healing includes a complete joining of our bodies, our minds, and our spirits.

Our work at Compass Rose is our calling and our vocation. Your healing will be supported through our work as it is provided with honesty, integrity, compassion and empathy. May our hearts and our minds always be guided by Light.

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